Best Workout Routines to Get Prepared for the Police Academy

Don’t know what are the best workouts to do as you prepare for the police academy? Find out right in this article what workout routines are best as you prepare for your upcoming training. Preparing for the police academy is probably one of the single most important thing you can do. The truth is if you arrive at the training academy out of shape or over weight, you might as well turn around and go home. Why? Because you won’t survive the police academy. It’s really that simple.

You see, many law enforcement training institutions have an entrance fitness test, as well as an exit physical fitness test. So if you show up in poor physical conditioning, you won’t be allowed in anyways. There are several workouts that you can do as you prepare for the police officer academy, but the one that stacks above the rest is high intensity interval training (also known as H.I.I.T).

High intensity interval training is by far the best workout routine to do as you prepare for the law enforcement academy. Why? Because you are training your anaerobic power, as well as your aerobic capacity. Both of which are extremely valuable if you want to pass the academy.

High intensity interval training consist of doing a high impact exercise like a full speed sprint for about 60 seconds, followed by a low impact training exercise like a slow-paced jog for 60 seconds. You can alternate between high impact training and low impact training for about 30 minutes.

The combination of slow and fast pace training will get you in elite shape fast.

Police Academy Requirements – Qualifications Needed to Enroll

If you want to become a police officer there are some things that you’ll be required to go through regardless if you like it or not. One of those things that’s not particularly fun is the police officer training academy. You see the police academy is a lot of stress put on you. Not only are you spoon fed a lot of information at lighting speed, but you have to retain all of it for the POST Training Exams. I’ve seen some recruits totally sail through the academy with no problems and I’ve seen some fail miserably, and sent home.

When I went through the police academy years ago, I felt like I was going through a year worth of college course material crammed into just 3 months. I’m not kidding when I say you’ll be fed a lot of information fast. You got to realize that you’ll not only have to learn state laws, but you’ll also need to learn general laws as well like the fourth amendment search and seizure rule, plain view doctrine, and much more.

I haven’t even mentioned case laws that you’ll need to know like the Mapp rulings, criminal law procedures, traffic stop enforcement protocols, evasive driving techniques, and more. As I mentioned above it is a lot of information coming at you at hyper speed, but if you get a good law enforcement review guide you’ll cut your study time in half. If I was smart I would have gotten a police academy study guide to help me retain some of the information that was coming towards me at warp speed.

Here’s some of the requirements that’s needed to get into the police training academy:

No felony convictions
Must be at least 21 years old (some states like FL allow 18 year olds)
No domestic violence charges
you must not have any cases pending when enrolling in the academy
Good driving record
United states citizen
Good credit history

In conclusion, if you are looking to get into the post training academy, then I suggest that you prepare yourself not only physically, but academically as well.

Police Training Academy Preparation Guide – Get a Police Academy Prep Book to Prepare

If you’ve chosen law enforcement as your career, you have chosen one of the most difficult training programs out there. But, what if there was a way to make it easier? The curriculum at the police academy will put your brain, brawn and emotions to the test. You will need to be prepared for everything, from mental acuity to physical conditioning.

But, you will have such a wealth of information to learn, that it is inevitable that you will not be able to remember everything. Now you can get a law enforcement preparation guide in advance. Why does this help you achieve your goal?

For one a Police Academy Study Guide goes over course material that you will encounter at the academy. If you spend a couple of months learning before entering the academy, what you will be doing once there at the academy will be a review for you. If you don’t have the time to do that, you can use this guide as a review while you are actually taking the classes at the academy.

Because the academy is expensive, this is a great way to ensure that you learn the material and will help you prepare for the written part of the exam to become a policeman. After all, it would be terrible to spend the time and money on this pursuit and then fail. You can raise your chances by at least 50% if you decide to use a law enforcement prep guide along with your practical and classroom experience while at the academy. It is truly invaluable for your success.

How to Pass the Police Academy Test

There is nothing more disappointing than someone who have been hired by a local police department, sent to the police academy for training, but only to fail and be sent home. If you think that’s a shame think about the recruits who pay they own way through the academy, but only to flunk out. That’s probably a couple grand out the window. The fact is there are recruits who show up at the police academy under prepared and as a result they fail miserably.

Today I’m going to discuss exactly how to can prepare and pass police academy test. But first and foremost, you must understand that 80% of the academy is focused on academics and not trying to run your brains out like many would lead you to believe. The instructors want you to know state laws, traffic laws, and use of force procedures. The last thing any department wants to have is a rookie officer shooting someone without cause.

The training academy put a lot of emphasis on training you the right way, and keeping you out of hot water. That is why you’ll spend a lot if time learning criminal law procedures like fleeing felon rule, terry stop, and the Miranda warning policy.

So how do you pass the police academy test?

The short answer is that you need to prepare yourself academically for the exam. The best way to do that is to visit your local library and get an introduction to law enforcement book. You’ll want to learn some technical terms as it relates to policing like basic handcuff rules, search and seizure laws, and some important case laws concerning use of force. Hope that helps.

A Police Academy Study Guide – Get a Police Academy Book to Prepare

Want to become a police officer in your state? Then let me be the first to tell you it is not going to be easy especially the police training academy. Not only will you be subject to military type drill sergeant mind games, but you’ll also be required to be in good physical condition and be able to pass all of the course curriculum at the academy.

The problem with the academy is that everything is so rapid-fire that sometimes you forget some of the material from one day to the next. I know some recruits could handle it without any problems but some struggle miserably, and as a result flunk out. That’s why I encourage every cadet that is heading to the academy to Download a Police Academy Study Guide in advance.


Well as I explained above the information coming your way is a lot, and I mean a lot of information. And not only that, you are expected to recall all of those information when taking the course exams. If you fail, you’ll be sent home. it is that simple.

Now what a law enforcement study guide does is go over actual course materials that you’ll likely see at the police training academy, and on the test. So once you are actually at the academy, all you’re really doing is going over stuff that you’ve already learned, and possibly new information from the instructors. You are getting exposed to the material twice. How cool is that my friend.

Ideally you’ll want to get started about 2-4 weeks before you head off to the academy. If you are a self-sponsored recruit meaning you are paying your own way a police academy study guide is absolutely crucial. You don’t want to be sent home after spending all that money on enrollment do you.

In Conclusion

Now if you are already at the academy, I would still buy a police academy study guide. It is not ideal but it is better than nothing. Not trying to scare you, but I know I had a tough time at the police academy and a Police Academy Guide would have been a great preparation tool for me.

If you want to download an entire manual that goes over course exams at the police officer academy such as Criminal Law Procedures, Traffic Law, DUI Stops, EVOC, Firearms, and Defensive Tactic.